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Entrepreneurship can be a hard road for the unprepared. Entrepreneurship goes against everything you have Click to Create Mindset Shift  - Go Be Now!been taught in school about what it means to be successful. When most of us think about success, we are really gauging our lives against what I refer to as the Master Plan – go to school, get good grades, graduate, find a good job, make lots of money, get married, buy a house with a white-picket fence, have 2.5 kids, and a dog. This is the American Dream!

Entrepreneurship rarely follows this formula. The road to entrepreneurial success is paved with bumps and bruises, hard knocks, disappointments, repeat failures, and broken relationships. Don’t get me wrong; entrepreneurship is great! Owning your own business is an amazing accomplishment that can create freedom, control, and flexibility in your life. However, in order to overcome the challenges that come along with choosing this path, you will need to adopt an entrepreneur mindset. You will need to shift your mindset by changing your stinking thinking. These are the negative thoughts, internal voices, fears, and other roadblocks crowding your brain and preventing you from moving forward toward your business success goals.

There are 3 simple words you need to own to create a mindset shift from stinking thinking to that of a business owner. I invite you to embrace these words by meditating on what each of these truly mean to you. You may want to develop a mantra, affirmation, or incantation that incorporates each of these 3 simple words to fully create the mindset shift you need.

3 Simple Words to Create Mindset Shift

  1. Go. After partnering with hundreds of small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, I have noticed that one of the biggest concerns or obstacles standing in their way is just to get started in the first place.  There are usually one of four issues that keep aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners immobilized.  The first is that you are stuck in information overload.  You are overwhelmed by the wealth of how-to information out there and have no idea how to make it applicable to your specific situation.  The second issue is that you suffer from analysis paralysis.  You want everything to be perfect.  You’re so busy striving for perfection that you fail to make any real or lasting connections to your dream customers.  The third issue is that you’re a procrastinator.  You may lack the time management and organizational skills required to put one foot in front of the other.  The longer you S.I.T., the longer you Stay In Trouble.  The final issue is fear.  Fear can definitely be immobilizing.  Ask yourself what would you do if fear were not present.  Do that!  You have to create a mindset shift from a place of lack to a place of intentional, directed, strategic action.  Get moving. Just go!
  2. Be. A lack of faith and belief in the value you have to give to the world is a real problem for many entrepreneurs.  If you don’t know your value then neither will your customers.  This is why so many would-be successful business owners fail to attract the right customers who are willing and able to pay their prices.  Much of this lack of faith and belief in yourself stems from the expectations placed upon you by others.  The roles you play (mother, teacher, consultant, etc.) and the labels you assume (teenage mother, dope addict, urban, etc.) create internal hard-wired notions about what is expected of you and your capacity to achieve success.  Create a mindset shift.  You do not have to live within the constraints of how others define you.  You do not have to be confined to the expectations of what society says you should be.  You are not responsible for fulfilling anyone’s expectations for your life other than your own.  You are exactly what you choose to be.  Choose it.  Be it!
  3. Now.  A recent participant in one of my entrepreneurship workshops asked me when was the best time in life to open your own business.  She was worried about being too old.  I hear this often.  You are never too old, young, fat, skinny, sick, crazy, bossy, or whatever other negative, self-deprecating belief you have been carrying around as baggage from your past.   Your past circumstance doesn’t define your future finance.  Your current situation doesn’t inhibit your possible elevation.  Your age doesn’t stop progression to the next stage.  Start the second you have been awakened to your passion and purpose.  Create a mindset shift.  The hardest part really is to start. Start now!

There you have it!  These 3 simple words will help you to begin thinking like a successful entrepreneur.  Put them all together to create a drastic mindset shift today. Stop waiting on the sidelines of life! GO BE NOW!


Need a little more help to get out of stuck and overwhelm in your business? As someone who specializes in transforming dreamers into successful entrepreneurs, I partner with small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs just like you to help them overcome the negative noise of naysayers, internal self-talk, and the many other obstacles associated with entrepreneurship.  I am confident I can help you too.   To learn how, apply for your FREE business breakthrough today!

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13 thoughts on “3 Simple Words to Create Mindset Shift

  • Beverley Golden

    Love these three words and totally get the power and strength in each of them. We stop ourselves because of unseen fears and if we could learn to stand back an objectively look at the situation and see what is truly the facts and not the emotion we put behind it, it would be so much easier to step into action and move ourselves forward. Self worth and trust in ourselves also seems to come up so often and I am sure most of us can identify with it. Once I learned to “say yes to life” meaning to go towards the things that were coming towards me, I found unseen guidance and support and life somehow magically flows. Your points to Go, Be, Now are definitely encouraging words for those sitting on the sidelines waiting for their lives to happen. Go out Now and Be you!

  • Alexandra McAllister

    These are most certainly powerful words – “Go, Be, Now!” They can make such a positive change in one’s life…both in business and personal. Thanks for sharing this post. It is both inspiring and encouraging. Time to take action! 😉

  • Heather Cameron

    Love it! Go. Be. Now! So true. Particularly the Go, I see that so much as a coach and I experience it myself. This is a great reminder. We all have something great to offer and so often we are the person standing in our way, thoses voices in our heads. Great post.

  • Michelle

    A great read Niquenya! I wish that people would get over their fear and take the plunge to whatever their own definition of success is. Your article was so inspiring, I hope it is a catalyst for others to feel the fear but do it anyway! You hit the nail on the head by describing Entrepreneurship as a mind set. I agree, Entrepreneurs think differently, they do things in a very distinct way and you’ll never see Entrepreneurs going along with the crowd! They’re usually making their own path. They are the makers and the shakers and quite frankly get the job done! I really related to the first paragraph of your blog in which you described the Entrepreneur’s journey as one being paved with bumps and bruises. It is so true but then as you also point out, it’s worth it! Not just for financial gain and a particular lifestyle but if I may add, the exhilaration and aliveness that comes from making the real magic from your creative zone! 🙂 Thanks for a well written and motivating blog!

  • A. Lynn Jesus

    I love Be. And I agree wholeheartedly – if you don’t know your value/worth then how can others when looking to work with you or buy your products? Plus I think that when you really believe in your value – it is more comfortable to command fees that you otherwise might be afraid to ask for. Thanks for sharing this post!

  • Joan Harrington

    Hi Coach Niquenya,

    Love these 3 simple words 🙂 Creating that mindshift is so important if you want success online as an entrepreneur……mindset is a must and these 3 words will help! Thanks for sharing your awesome value 🙂

  • Sharise

    Great post! The #1 tip, “Go” applied to me before I decided to take that leap of faith and just do it. My business partner spent a lot of time planning and talking and finally just did it. This process is also teaching me to let things be and not to strive for perfection but to strike e to be the best I can with what I have.

  • hazel

    Great post. when i get away from my to do list, and start listening to that inner voice that says negative things, overwhelm sets in. I need write those words GO BE NOW, on a sticky note and stick it to my monitor where I can see it.

  • Renee

    Go Be Now! I love these steps for focused action, so simple and very relevant for newbie entrepreneurs! Thank you Coach Niquenya, really great process to follow: Avoid perfectionism, Believe in yourself, and Start Now. Nice!

  • Tamara MacDuff

    This is another great post. I use the Mantra of Be. Do & Have. Very similar to what you have written here. My favorite word you have here is GO. I tend to stay stuck when I’m stuck. Though sometimes I’ve made myself do something even if it wasn’t business related it was taking action and invariably I found myself back at my desk refreshed and renewed. Thank you for shifting my mindset back into action.