Customer Attraction Training Call

Listen to the weekly training call hosted by Coach Niquenya. This call focuses on customer attraction.

Customer attraction is the process you take to find and convert prospects into customers. This is an important process to generate sales. Without sales of your products and services, you do not receive revenue. Without revenue you cannot build profit and of course, without profit, you cannot grow your business nor get paid what you’re worth.

The call reviews:

  • What is customer attraction and why is it important
  • How to actually attract the right customers who are willing to pay your prices
  • Proven methods to pre-qualify your customers so you aren’t wasting time pitching your offers to any and everybody
  • How to tweak your sales funnel to increase sales conversions


Listen to the training call:

Customer Attraction Training Call 02022015


Complete your action plan:

Customer Attraction Worksheet


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