The 4 P’s of Profit: How to Maximize Your Money-Making Potential

This interactive workshop shifts the participants’ mindset from the traditional 4 P’s of Marketing to the more efficient 4 P’s of Profit. Attendees will learn how to introduce the 4 P’s of Profit into their marketing efforts for greater return on investment.

In this about 1 hour web conference, we will cover:
  • Explain the difference between the 4 P’s of Marketing and the 4 P’s of Profit
  • Identify one or more business concepts for further evaluation
  • Develop a simple, ready-to-implement action plan to propel the business concept forward

This free video training is only available to members of the Dream Catchers community.  You will only be able to view the video embedded below if you are a current logged in member.


———- Video Training———

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