How to Choose the Right Business Coach

Entrepreneurship is a difficult animal. There are many challenges that come with business ownership. Small Business Coach - Coach Niquenyabusiness owners and entrepreneurs need a business coach to overcome challenges and weave through the steep learning curve associated with entrepreneurship.

There are many people out there calling themselves business coaches today. With the market being so saturated, how do you choose the right business coach for your needs? Here are 5 qualities to look for in the right business coach for your long-term business growth and success.

5 Qualities to Look for in the Perfect Business Coach

  1. Experience. The right coach will have an entrepreneurial spirit and understand exactly what you are going through on your entrepreneurial journey. She will not only be an experienced coach but also an experienced business owner. While it is true that most good coaches can coach on any subject, a business coach who is also an entrepreneur will be uniquely positioned to help you evaluate challenges and opportunities in your business. Ask your business coach how long she has been in business, how many clients she has served, how many businesses she has run, how many industries she has worked with, and how long she has been coaching.
  2. Training. The perfect coach will be a life-long learner. She will value education and investing in herself. She will consistently seek training and development opportunities to further hone her craft. She may be degreed or certified or seek alternative learning. You will see her out and about networking and rubbing shoulders with others in her industry. She will encourage you to become a life-long learner as well.
  3. Leadership. The right coach will be a transformational servant leader. She believes in leading by example. She will give of herself freely and readily. She will share both her successes and her wins to ensure you don’t reinvent the wheel but instead implement proven success strategies. You will feel empowered by her partnership.
  4. Expertise. The perfect coach will be a demonstrated expert. She will possess both business and coaching skills.  She will have a strong industry presence and social proof of her results. Her knowledge will be evident through her programs, speeches, and published works. You will hear her voice in your head quietly guiding you through complicated business decisions.
  5. Transparency. The right business coach will possess honesty and integrity. She will always tell it like it is and never sugar-coat the truth. She will hold herself and you accountable to commitments.

As a Master Business Coach, I strive to embody all of these qualities. I have over 20 years’ experience working with small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they need to be to build a successful, sustainable, and profitable business. My clients run the gamut including florists and bakers, chefs and caterers, manufacturers and retailers, construction companies, stylists, photographers, music artists, and even other coaches, trainers, consultants, speakers and authors.

My mission is to transform dreamers into successful entrepreneurs. As a result of partnering with me, entrepreneurs get connected to their passion, purpose, people, and processes to propel them to profit faster than they ever could on their own. I specifically seek out individuals with bigger-than-life visions who want to stop wasting time, monetize their talents, and finally generate the revenue their brilliant business concepts truly deserve.

If you’re dying to become a successful entrepreneur, I want to partner with you. You’re invited to take advantage of a FREE Business Breakthrough Strategy Session. During your session we will clarify your vision, define strategic goals, uncover hidden challenges, and create a next-step action plan. My hope for you is that you will leave this session with greater focus knowing exactly what your next steps should be. Apply for your session now to find out if I’m the right fit as a business coach for you.

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