3 Must Have Small Business Tools

Integrating small business tools into your processes will help you to reclaim your time and have a more productive day.
Are you grinding 24/7 for your business dream?
Starting a small business often means wearing many different hats and putting in long hours to get things going.
Being a card-carrying member of #TeamNoSleep should be a temporary condition not a long-term solution. You should be looking for ways to work smarter, not harder.
One of the primary reasons entrepreneurs say they start a business is for time freedom but then you forget to free your time!
As the business owner, you are the face of your organization. You should be spending the bulk of your work day focused on those things that are mission-critical to your sales. If it doesn’t make you money directly, then look to outsource or automate it wherever possible so you’re spending less time working in your business.
If you want more time to spend with friends and family or simply to do more of the things you love, then it’s high time to tap into the small business tools and resources that will allow you to do exactly that.

3 Must Have Small Business Tools

  1. Email Campaign Manager. Your contact list is the most important asset to your small business. Without a list, you don’t exist. Email marketing to your contact list still has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of all marketing strategies but how are you maintaining your contact lists? Excel spreadsheets? Google Contacts?

    These solutions can grow cumbersome fast especially if you also employ events as an additional marketing strategy. One event can quickly amass dozens of new contacts. Participate in multiple events each month and you will find yourself soon facing the difficult task of managing hundreds or even thousands of email addresses. Imagine attempting to send an email blast to this many contacts. It would lack any personalization and most email providers have a cap on the number of email addresses you can send to at once.

    Sign up for an email campaign manager to help you systematize your list. This is one of the easiest yet most overlooked small business tools you can use to immediately make a dent in time management and productivity. Design professional-looking emails in minutes with Constant Contact. Sign up for a free 60-day trial today.

  2. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).  Take your email and contact list management a step further with a CRM. Customer relationship management is a way to manage your business’ interaction with current and prospective customers. A CRM analyzes all the data you collect about your customers’ purchase history to improve business relationships, focus on customer retention, and drive sales growth. Armed with this information, you can truly get to understand what drives your customers’ buying decisions allowing you to develop more effective marketing strategies.

    Easily manage all your contacts in one location and never lose track of a lead again with HubSpot CRM – the completely free CRM. HubSpot CRM provides everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers. It is easy to setup and use so you can get started within minutes.

  3. Calendar Manager. If you have a service-based business like coaching, accounting, or even landscaping, you may find yourself in need of an easy way to allow customers to book appointments with you. A great calendar management tool will integrate with your existing calendar (like Google or Outlook) and show only those time slots that are open based on the availability you choose. Empower customers to book their own appointments so you don’t have to spend valuable time following up to compare schedules. Many calendar management tools will even offer the option to collect payments at the time of booking to provide you with a completely hands-off appointment-setting solution.

    I really enjoy vCita‘s all-in-one management app for small businesses. This small business tool allows you to drive more business and deliver amazing service with vCita‘s all-in-one business management app for small businesses. Start your free trial now.

By automating tedious and repeated processes such as these, you will reduce the time required to tackle many administrative tasks and have more time available to do the things you want. 
Check out the full list of my favorite small business tools and resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners to reclaim your time and start working smarter today. Work on your business rather than in it. Note that I do receive a commission should you choose to upgrade from any of the free or almost free plans referred in this post.
What small business tools are you using to reclaim your time? Tell me in the comments and if you found value in this post, please share it with your networks.

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